Finnart Estate

Bridge of Gaur
PH17 2QE

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Picture yourself in the highlands of Scotland, a place of breathtaking beauty. Our estate spanning well over five thousand acres is set near the Grampian mountains amongst the spectacular countryside that Scotland is famed for. Finnart estate with its lochs and rugged woodlands makes an excellent environment for the keen sportsman.

On the estate you will find the finest roe dear, hinds and stags, an abundance of grouse and black cocks in the heather covered hills. Our experienced stalkers are guaranteed to find your chosen prey.

For those of you who prefer the challenge of pitting your wits against the pike, trout or occasional salmon, our three lochs and rivers provide superb fishing facilities.

For accomodation we recommend nearby guest houses just five minute drive from the estate set off the beaten track and surrounded by woodland. Places where, in front of the open fireplace, whisky in hand, many a hunter has displayed their trophy with pride or boasted about "the one that got away".

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